Friday, 4 December 2009

Changing the Subject

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So I think I might have overdosed on wedding posting for a while – I promise to update you if anything major happens but generally I’m just contacting suppliers, getting quotes and fiddling with our budget spreadsheet.

Trying to figure out how to make one day reflect us, our personalities and our relationship is quite a challenge – we’re very different. O and I have different hobbies (in that he has hobbies and I watch TV). We have different groups of friends, not sure when this happened probably not long after he left University. We used to be part of one huge group of friends (which is how we got together in the first place) but now these people have become Facebook friends – and even then Facebook is telling me I haven’t contacted them for a while and maybe I should write on their wall (none of your business Facebook back off, my relationship with my SISTER is just fine!).

I think I might just make the day represent a marriage ceremony and a party and if we attend then we’ll add our personality as the day goes along.

Sometimes I think about how different we are and wonder how we have kept this relationship going for so long, but then I just think maybe it is our differences that have kept us going.

Are you different from your partner? Do you do everything with your partner? Do you pursue your own hobbies or do you have joint hobbies?

Anyway what I wanted to say was that I’m going to change the topic for a while – hope that is ok?


  1. Oh i like this post.. analysing on a friday night!

    Us: we're very different - we work and live together so are always in each others pockets but I think because of our difference we work really well together. He is very precise and technical. I'm very fluid and creative..

    we do have separate hobbies he drives toy cars (and takes it very seriously) so i really can't relate to it! i have spent the last 4 years looking for one! TV watching was my only one.. but have now started yoga and hopefully screen printing (even though this may have to be put on hold due to wedding to plan and pay for!)

    friends wise we share the same.. we like socialising together.. we're one of those couples who are always together.. which works for us! even though the odd girly weekend goes down well!

    Facebook: have just had to "reconect" with my brother! i really am very close to getting rid of it altogether!

  2. We're quite different, although our beliefs and opinions are quite similar underneath. We spend most of our time together, but don't do everything together either. its hard to pin down really, when it works, you just know don't you. Don't be afraid that because you're nott he same as another relationship that you're not right, Its not worth battling through life trying to be someone else. :)

  3. Yay for the more random posts. Bean and I are quite similar but have other interests (well I have Bones and Mr I agree with Rebecca if it works for you then go with it. I could be with my boy 24/7 but I know it's good to go and have fun with other people too.

  4. "(in that he has hobbies and I watch TV)" - Love it - are you writing about me!

    Sent you a little link love back from my blog today.

  5. HI Me and my partner could not be more different, I am a talker and he is a listener, I am extrovert and he is quite and quite shy. He has fabulous will power me phew!! none. But I have to say he is the only person in the world I would rather spend every minute of my day with. Being the same would drive us mad!
    Hope you dont mind but I am a wedding planner and injecting your personality into your day will happen. You are planning your day together and inevitably it will be YOU!! its about. My advice dont think too hard about it and ideas will come to you if you want them to. If you need any help give me a shout.


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