Saturday, 30 January 2010

My weekend

Hmmm so writing I should probably get around to doing some of that right.
So this weekend, I'm on my own - O is in Spain playing his bizarre sport for Scotland (still not going to tell you what it is). So I'm doing some sofa bonding, my favourite activity! I'm catching up on trashy TV, reading and sleeping. Think I've got a throat infection, but I'm ignoring that hoping it might go away.

I had a back massage last night to ease me into the relaxation. I love getting back massages I’m not your fancy-pants brush your fingers across my back type of a girl. I’m a go hell for leather get you knuckle into that knot in my muscle type of girl. And oh my goodness the girl last night showed no mercy. My shoulders now feel pretty bruised but I’m going back in 3 weeks to have another round. That all sounds a little brutal sorry!

The relaxation was a little disturbed today by a phone call from the fraud department of my credit card. Now I’m suspicious of anyone who phones me and then asks for my personal details. Not to mention the fact that about 4 months ago my Aunt was conned out of £2,000 by someone ‘apparently’ calling from her credit card fraud department (she was refunded). So the sceptic in me refused to talk to the perfectly pleasant woman who phoned and called the number on the back of my credit card and true enough I was put through to the fraud department. Someone has tried to purchase something online in America and last night tried to make a payment to a company in Croydon last night at 0:02 (I was sleeping at that time). Thankfully the fraud department spotted something dodgy and denied both payments so I haven’t lost any money and all I need to do is wait for my new card to arrive.

Hope you are having an enjoyable relaxing weekend (other than Rebecca who I hope is having a productive weekend).


  1. :) thank you, If you could see my facebook, you'd see that I had a l.ate night burst of productivity, and i'm up early to sew before our very belated staff Christmas do!

    p.s. is it Curling? tossing the Caber? shotput? am I just being stereotypical?!

  2. Ohhh I'm so intrigued by the weird sport. My boy (also O) has a very geeky hobby/sport he does most weekends that always takes a lot of explaining.. and normally just ends up with people laughing! well if it keeps them happy! x x


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