Tuesday, 17 November 2009

O don't read! My Thoughts on the Dress

So huge respect needs to go to Buhdoop for her series of dress posts here, here, here, here and especially the beautiful dress she has chosen. Here Buhdoop freaked me out, the day before I read this post I was writing this list in my head!
Disclaimer – these are my thoughts on the dress that would be suitable for me and our wedding. I have only tried on 3 wedding dresses so I reserve the right to totally change my mind after trying on more dresses. You never know I might end up with a huge pink meringue but somehow I doubt it.

The Wedding Dress List
(not in order of importance)

Comfortable – There is going to be some wild ceilidh dancing at our wedding and I need to be able to burl with the best of them. I was bridesmaid to one of my best friends and she was begging to be able to take her dress off by 10pm as the dress was too heavy. Luckily we managed to persuade her to keep it on until after the last dance, although it would have been funny having her finish the dancing in her pjs.

No train – I don’t want people worried about standing on the dress and I don’t want to trip over it while I’m dancing.

Not too big – I want people to be able to get up close and hug me on our wedding day, especially my new husband. I don’t want hoops and underskirts meaning they can only hug me from the waist up.

Affordable – I don’t spend a lot of money on clothes and I don’t especially want to spend a lot of money on a dress I will only wear for one day. I want a new kitchen more than I want an expensive wedding dress.

Off the rack or a sample – my friends are making me panic that I’m not going to have enough time to find a dress, I’ve been told it takes 6-9 months to get a dress made. In which case I need to find the dress now! Like right now.

Structured but not too structured – I need to keep the boobage under control but I still want to be comfortable with out too much scaffolding. (Thanks to Gee for the warning about buying a dress for the more well endowed girl). I’m kind of leaning towards straps.

No bling – I don’t seem to suit bling, and our wedding isn’t going to be very bling, we just aren’t bling people.


  1. I have one tip for you, if you do find the dress that you want off the rack do some research into other bridal shops and their price for it. My friend found her dream dress in London, rang around other stockists and ended up buying it from a shop in Carlisle for about £300 cheaper- well worth the trip there to save some money.

    I totally agree about the dress being affordable- I bought my dress on ebay for £10.50 and my mum altered it for me!

    Good luck with the dress hunt, your perfect gown is out there somewhere!

  2. You still have time! The shops just make you panic! Mine is taking 4 months to make, since its a British designer, so I got measured and ordered it at the start of oct so it will come in mid feb (taking time off for xmas) then i still have 4-6 weeks to alter it before start of april.

    If you need any advice about shops in edinburgh, I went to 10 here, all different!

    As for the structure, and after Gee's warning, im so glad I went for a dress with a corset too!

    Enjoy all the dress shopping tho, it was totally my favourite part and you should enjoy every moment.

  3. Great list! I love the bling one, we aren't bling people either.

  4. Your list is great! No worries if you change your mind. I do it ALL the time :)

  5. Comfort - hell yes. i'm usually in bed by ten, so having just read hat you wrote about your friend, thats got me thinking. (make sure you try sitting down and hugging in the sample in the shop)
    train - I think most dresses had a loop sewn in so that you can bustle in for the evening. our venue is quite small and packed with furniture so im worried about tripping up and ripping mine. if it doesnt have a loop sewn in, its likely you can have it done. then if you want a rain you can have it during the wedding and not later.
    I agree with all your other points too, but if I comment on thenm all I'll write an essay!

  6. Agreed. I love, love, loved my dress. It was so comfortable and stretchy, no bling and affordable! I could not recommend it more... See photos:



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