Friday, 6 November 2009

Poorly* Sick

I’ve had the** cold all week, I thought I was successfully battling through but then after three nights of barely any sleep I was hit by a fever yesterday. Having a high temperature has made me feel unbelievably pathetic. I’ve taken obscene amounts of paracetamol to try to control it to no avail. O is away this weekend which is not helping the patheticness – means I have to make my own chicken soup and fetch my own hot water bottles.

And yes I’m blatantly fishing for sympathy.

(from here)

* According to O I don’t pronounce poorly correctly. I say pauly (which I think is the Yorkshire accent) where as O says poo-rly.
**Scottishism, the Scots seem to have ‘the’ cold rather than ‘a’ cold.


  1. As you're in Scotland you get to drink hot whisky toddies for medicinal purposes (though I am admittedly unsure how that goes with the paracetemol), and as you're ill and not actually Scottish you get to say pauhly in whichever way you please. You are also allowed to subsist on chocolate on tea, that is the law.

    Get well soon!

  2. Oh that's not so good. Hope you feel better soon. I'd never thought about 'the cold' vs 'a cold'... will look out for that! Wrap up warm x

  3. awww, poor you, hope the soup works its magic soon.x


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