Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Our wedding date

So last weekend before we left for London we contacted our venue and asked to reserve our date 11/09/2010 (remember the angst). They said they didn’t usually do that and required a deposit to secure the date. After I explained we were going to be away they promised that they would phone if anyone else expressed an interest in the date, essentially giving us first refusal and that we should come in on Sunday, when we were back, to pay the deposit. Having not heard anything and checked that all our family would be available we went to pay the deposit. Only to be told by a very shame faced manager that they’d given our date to someone else – another couple had turned up cash in hand and they went with them instead of phoning us. We were stunned (I felt physically sick) and very angry, but what were we to do. We love the venue we didn’t like any other venue the same way. So all we could do was ask what other dates were available. It is funny that in a week we’d become so attached to a date that was arbitrarily assigned to us because that was what the venue had available.

So it turns out we are now getting married at the end of July 2010! Argh so soon, scary soon, so much to arrange. Turns out that, that it would have been my paternal Nana and Granddad’s 65th wedding anniversary, it would have also been O’s Granddad’s birthday so it does have significance for us (#1 got married on my maternal Nana and Granddad’s wedding anniversary so I guess we are carrying on the tradition). Unfortunately also means that one of O’s best friends will not be able to attend. He is in the merchant navy and is only in the UK 4 months a year which unfortunately doesn’t cover July. Give us a week though I’m fairly sure we’ll be as attached to this date as we were the other date. We’ve checked that there is a registrar available to marry us, hopefully there will be a photographer, florist and band etc…..

For the wildly curious, I'd rather not reveal the exact location of our venue but I will describe it as best I can in an upcoming post!


  1. Yes. I remember being attached to every wedding date we considered. I think that it may be partly due to just wanting one dsmn thing settled! I hate that you were jerked around...

  2. We are getting married in July also, it seems really far away to me.

  3. oh that is poo that they did that, but at least you still get the venue you want :). July is still 9 months away, if its time enough to have a baby, I'm sure you can plan a party! maybe it will give you focus, I'm dithering because I still have nearly a year, although we did pick a date far away because of other reasons. Congratulations :)

  4. Can't believe they gave away your date – that is sucky! But yay to having a date and one that means something too :)

  5. How bitter/sweet, that you couldn't have the september wedding but that you've now booked your date and venue. It's really nice that this new date has some personal significance too. I can't wait to hear more about the plans as they unravel!!

  6. That sucks that they gave your date away! I'm sure you will come to love the new one though and get everything done on time. Just found your blog! Looking forward to following!

  7. Thats so rubbish they didnt let you know first!

    Im sure you will be able to get a florist, band & photographer too as we only just booked our florist.

    Glad the new date does mean something though too!

  8. Tis fate my dear! How perfect.
    9 months is a long time.

    I know how you feel about not wanting to reveal your venue. I hope you feel happy with your venue now despite the kerfuffle.


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