Friday, 20 November 2009

Random Question I

Ok so this isn’t so much a question more of a discussion point. I’m 7 months older than O. I graduated University the year ahead of him and he is born in a different year to me (not sure why I highlight this but it seemed important). When we first got together we got quite a few comments about him being a toy-boy and my being the older woman. 7 months people!! Not exactly a big age difference and I firmly believe that if he were older than me it would never be mentioned. I’ve never seen a relationship where age difference is an issue except for those outside the relationship.

Is there an age gap in your relationship? Does it make any difference to you? (Sorry these are very personal questions I may have overstepped the mark). Do you know relationships where the age gap is an issue?

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  1. james is 6 years older than me. I think my parents were worried at first, but once they found he was a practical man, and serious about me they were fine. as you get older I dont think age is noticed so much unless its a massive gap. my previous boyf before james had years on me, and I thought that was a massive gap at the time.

  2. Sounds like someone was having a good time trying to wind you up! My brother's wife is a few years older than him, and I'm 8 months older than Richard, and no-one has ever commented tbh. I think that the older you get, the less age gaps matter.

  3. My mother is older than my father by about 2 years. Not much at all really. I only think it matters when you are very young ie. 15 year old going with a 25 year old etc. My boy is but 9 months older (and that's because we met at uni). I feel it matters not.

  4. My OH is a year and a half older though sometimes I swear he's much much older as he remembers so many films from the 80s!

    I do think if I was older than him it would have been mentioned... in that way people always act like a woman's age is really important!

  5. Thomas is 6 months older than me but I feel older than him sometimes lol. My Mum is only a year older than my dad and he still gets referred to as her toyboy.


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