Monday, 30 November 2009

O don't read - Still no dress

First of all apologies for the very short post on Friday I had guests arriving any second and wanted to get something posted before they got here. I hope you all had a good weekend.
We were pretty busy, O’s sister and her husband stayed Friday night they are expecting a baby boy at the end of January and were down to buy baby stuff. On Saturday I met my Mum and Dad in Edinburgh – they drove up that morning. O and my Dad went to see the rugby, unfortunately Scotland didn’t win and they got extremely cold.

The dress dilemmas continue – short version I still haven’t found the right one and need to continue looking.

Long version -
Firstly we went to Rachel Scott, Rachel was really lovely, we were the only ones in the shop so received very personal service. I liked two Alan Hannah dresses, the bodice of one (Bella) and the skirt of another (All that Jazz). Apparently we could get the two combined however they were both £1,800 dresses (way over budget) and I think I'd have come out with the Maggie Sottero Adele in the end anyway - although they were much lighter weight.

Then we went to Berketex and found a really lovely dress. It has straps, its light I'd be able to dance all night long in it. It's much more what I had in my head when I thought about my dress. It isn't perfect though, the sample dress was too big so I don't think it was an accurate representation. It is made with satin, and hides absolutely nothing - you can see the outline of my belly button piercing through the fabric which I don't really think is appropriate! But it does make me feel beautiful and elegant. Unfortunately they wouldn't let us take pictures and I can't find a picture of the dress online. It is by a designer called Christina Sposa called Bali.

Finally we went to Emma Roy to show my Mum the Adele. Unfortunately the shop was absolutely heaving (think my Mum might have been a little overwhelmed by this point and all the dresses were blurring into one) there were women and dresses everywhere. There was also a girl trying on the Adele which was off putting. I tried it on again and I do still really like it but it was much stiffer and heavier than the Alan Hannah dresses I tried on. They can remove some of the net underskirts to make the skirt less full. But the skirt is made of a very heavy fabric and that can't be changed.

It is killing me that I can't ask O what he thinks but he doesn't want to know anything about the dress.

So the search continues…………………………….


  1. I feel your pain about not being able to involve your other half in the decision making!

  2. Ahhhh its so hard to decide eh!

    I agree about the Alan Hannah being so much lighter too, I had some of those on at Alma Ogilvie and they were so fluid, especially when you compare it to the heavier styles.

    Isn't Rachel lovely, glad you enjoyed visiting the shop. Emma Roy sounds like it was the same as the day I went - people everywhere!

  3. i haven't found one yet either. really feeling the pressure. i might have to get one out in the uk. i havent heard of some of these names, so thank you. how much longer do you have?? my man does not want to hear a thing about dresses either... so hard.

  4. Oh poor you... Have to say I'm not liking the idea that I can't ask/show the other half dresses. He's been quite firm on that he wants it to be a surprise... which is so unusual for us as I normally get to do whatever I want!

  5. The Berketex Christina Sposa dress is also called Bali by Marylise. You can see it on the Marylise website in the once in a lifetime collection.

  6. Hey Anonymous - thank you so much that is really good to know!


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