Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Love Stories - My Grandparents

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One of my biggest regrets is not paying enough attention to the stories my grandparents’ told. However there are some special things I do remember which make me smile.

For my big* Nana and Granddad (my Dad's parents) their fourth date was actually their wedding day (we'll be getting married on what would have been their wedding anniversary). They met during the war and somehow managed to keep their fledgling romance going while my Granddad was deployed on service, only seeing each other while my Granddad was on leave. I can’t imagine marrying someone I’d only met three times previously.

With my little* Nana and Granddad (Mum’s parents) my favourite story was my Granddad’s chat up line the first time they met (so typical of him, he was a huge flirt). My Granddad was walking his Alsatian, Flash, in the nearby park, he walked past my Nana (a woman he’d never met previously) and Flash barked and went to sniff at my Nana. My Granddad pulled the dog back saying “Down Flash you’ve already had your breakfast”. He went home and told his Mum that he’d met the girl he was going to marry. From that brief encounter he knew – must have been love at first sight.

*we distinguished between our grandparents by height.


  1. Ah, gorgeous stories. Nothing like a long marriage to warm the heart.

  2. Oh that's so sweet! I think I'll give my grandmamma a ring right now.

  3. Cate - thank you for stopping by

    Anna - please ring your grandmamma and appreciate every moment you have with her. I wish I still had my grandparents.

  4. wow, I love these stories :) I need to listen to my grandparents more.

  5. Thanks for sharing these. It's nice your getting married on your big Nana and Granddads anniversary.

    When we were little we used to call my Great Grandparents Bikki Grandma and Grandpa because whenever we would go there they'd give us little chocolate biscuits in a bag to take home.


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