Tuesday, 24 November 2009

O don't read - More on the dress

I feel like I've lost my mind!
So something bad happened this weekend - I went dress shopping with two of my friends we went to Emma Roy and Pretty Woman (I have to say the service in both shops was excellent). I tried on about 15 different types of dress in different colours, shapes and materials.
The bad thing that happened is that I think I might have found "the one". Bad because it totally contradicts everything that I previously expected about my dress. The list has gone totally out of the window and that is messing with my head. My list was based on rational, sensible, logical decisions, and yet I had an emotional reaction to this dress (yes I realise how ridiculous that sounds, it's only a dress, but I didn't want to take it off).

Remember the disclaimer – I reserve the right to totally change my mind after trying on more dresses.

This is the dress Maggie Sottero - Adele

So lets have a look at the list;

The Wedding Dress List: Comfortable, No train, Not too big, Affordable, Off the rack or a sample, Structured but not too structured, No bling

Adele - has a train (which I would have cut down a bit), has a big skirt (felt big to me), is much more than I wanted to spend (but not more than I can afford) - then they charge you for alterations on top of that, not off the rack - will take 6 months to come in (the wedding is in July so just have enough time), has a full corset, no straps and the skirt is quite heavy, it was comfortable for the 10 mins that I stood staring at it but I'm not sure how comfortable it would be after a whole day. I think the only thing I've stuck to is the no bling (and even then it does have a tiny bit of bling).

A Tia (Benjamin Roberts) dress came a close second - see pictures of me in it here (hope the link works). I just didn't like it as much (perhaps because the sample was too big for me so I couldn't get a proper idea of how it fitted) - even though it is a much more light weight dress.

My Mum is coming to visit this weekend so she can see the dress.

So do I;
(a) Go for it (feeling extra pressure because they are offering 15% off if ordered before the end of November). Or,
(b) Go to a lot more shops and continue trying on - trying to stick to the list

I guess it is a head over heart issue - not sure which to listen to.

Apologies for the bracketed inner dialogue as always. Feel like I've got bad fairy/good fairy on my shoulders nagging in my ears - bad fairy saying go for the Maggie dress - good fairy saying explore your options and be sensible.


  1. STICK TO YOUR LIST! Don't fall for the sales patter - there will be more offers. And your head isn't clear. You need a clear head! Empty your mind of wedding dress thoughts for a while and return to them in a week or two.
    Love My Dress xXx

  2. There will be more deals and more dresses! You mentioned wanting wild ceilidh dancing at that is soooooo much more important than this particular Maggie dress (though it's very pretty, I admit). There is no "the one" dress (promise) and I'm so happy I didn't get my first yesyesyes dress and stuck with my list (despite the sample sale pressure I felt, similar to your 15% off). And, if three months from now the Maggie really is the dress, you can get it then. Maybe you'll even find a sample or resale by then too.

  3. I think you should go back and try the dresses on again. That way you've had some time away from them and hopefully can have a clearer head, but also get to listen to what the heart is saying. It's such a fine balance. And although I agree that there is no "one" dress, sometimes what we think we know and want, isn't really what we choose. Good luck! I know its a tough decision. Let us know how it goes!

  4. I dont think you have to go totally back to your original list as I think everyone changes their minds when they try them on!

    I would def keep looking though - even if you end up with the Maggie, which is gorgeous, you will then know it is the one! I ended up getting the 8th dress i tried on and after trying another 35 after it i knew it was the right one! Didnt have the total 'the one' moment though, there were 3 I could have bought! I did go back 3 times before i ordered it tho!

    Im pretty sure at Emma Roy then always can do discounts too, when I was there they said to another girl they would match the price she was quoted at Anne & Bobbies!

    Let us know where you go this weekend, I love hearing about other peoples dress hunts especially when I know the shops!

  5. Love those dresses, but I agree that comfort is key. I think that the sales come and go and you still have oodles of time to look. Make sure to try on lots of dresses with your mum!

  6. That first dress is really lovely. I have had a love hate relationship with my dress - 37 days out and I'm still not sure if I like it as much as I thought I did.

    Don't feel pressured by the discount - they just want to lock you in.

    Best of luck x

  7. I actually think it's very simple and elegant! Just listen to your gut I'd say. The world is not going to run out of wedding dresses in the run-up to your big day - if the clueless grooms in that BBC3 show can manage to organise a dress in about a week, so can you if needs be!

    Also, what you *could* do is change before the dancing, you don't want to do a Jade-on-Strictly.

  8. Dear all,
    Thank you for the comments. I'm going dress shopping again on Saturday so I'll let you know how I get on.

  9. I say go with your heart... but I always do say that! I like them both (and you have dark hair! I hadn't imagined that!) but maybe try them both on again and see if you feel the same way? Good luck x


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