Thursday, 26 November 2009

Wedding Traditions

I love reading overseas blogs, and I love having bloggers from overseas read and comment on my blog. It is great to have such a wide variety of opinions.

Earlier in the week Stacy from the delightful blog You Can't Take It With You posted about this gorgeous card box she had found. And I sat reading the post going: What is a card box? Do I need a card box? What do you use a card box for? Where will I find one? That is such a pretty box.......

May be I'm just a being a bit daft here......but What is a card box?

But there are lots of different traditions that we are embraced all over the world. I mean please could someone explain to me what Escort Cards are - I've seen lots of lovely ideas for different ways of doing them, I've just yet to figure out what they are used for.

And I imagine the tradition of having a chimney sweep at your wedding doesn't mean much to those overseas - in fact it doesn't mean much to me, anyone got a clue? I also imagine I will get horse-shoes from friends at the wedding - to wish us luck. Anyone having a scramble? We went to a wedding last year where they had one and it was hilarious.

So I thought I'd use this opportunity to clear up some mysteries about wedding traditions - tell me about some traditions you don't understand (hopefully we'll get some answers), some you are adhering to (why and what they mean to you), some that you aren't going to adhere to.

Some traditions are becoming wide spread, for example Save the Date Cards seem to be taking off in the UK.

My Mum really wants to send out Save the Date Cards (her bf's daughter got married earlier this year and they had Save the Date Cards - I've a feeling there could be quite a bit of comparison going on).
We're not all that fussed, we don't have guests coming from overseas and we have spread our date through word of mouth - so I told my Mum if she really wants them she could just write a note in her Christmas cards (which will only go to my side of the family). Her exact words - "I don't want to force the issue, it is your choice, but I really think we should send them, just a little card in the Christmas cards would be fine" - ok well if you really want to send them, I won't feel pressured - but you'll need to come up with the little card yourself because I would have just used a pen and written it on the Christmas card (sorry did that sound like petulant ungrateful child oops).
My Mum has been very good so far, you can tell she is itching to jump in and take over but she has been very restrained.


  1. Not sure what a card box is.

    Escort cards are ones with guests names on as well as table names. Cards are left somewhere (perhaps that is what a cardbox is, but I doubt it as it would make hard work for the guests) & guests take their card which tells them their table. Kind of like a table plan.

    We had them at a wedding we went to a couple of months ago. For our own wedding we made a table plan.

    We also did e-mail save the dates. I think letting people know the date well in advance is useful. Don't know about you but we are going to lots of weddings these days, so it's useful to know several months in advance.

  2. A card box is a box for people to put the card that they brought you in. At some weddings they're locked so no one can take all of the money and gift cards inside! Some people build these amazing tall ones, but I wanted to be able to re-use our card box after the wedding. Vintage bird cages are pretty popular for card boxes here in the U.S. I've always wondered about the traditions behind who pays for what...I mean, it's divided up, like the groom's family pays for the rehearsal dinner. I've always wondered why that is!

    Thanks for calling my blog delightful, you made my day! I'd love to hear about tradition that are exclusive to your part of the world!

  3. I've always assumed a card box is what people put their cards in because if they buy off a registry they are not necessarily going to have a present as well?! Maybe? Now I've thought about I really am unsure! Those Yanks are crazy!!

  4. Yeah what Anna said about the card box - guess thats what its for but im sure our best man and ushers can have the job of collecting any cards!

    As for a scramble, my friends dad did one at her wedding and i know my dad would prob want too if we had any kids near their house!

    Think it would be lovely for someone to give a horse shoe too!

  5. Peacock Feathers & Diamond Rings: Thank you for stopping by. So escort cards are a table plan and place names rolled into one. Sounds interesting.

    Stacy Marie: Thank you for clearing up the confusion with the card-box. Trust the Americans to find a nice way of doing things. In the UK the cards are usually placed in a pile on the floor, on a table, behind the bar or if the bride is really organised there will be a proper gift table.

    I'm a bit taken a back by the fact that you would lock the cards away - We trust the people we're inviting not to steal our gifts.

    Going to come up with some posts about wedding traditions.

  6. I think that you have all of our yank ways figured out! The card box is kind of silly. We just had the presents that people brought stacked in one spot and most of the cards ended up tucked in there.

    Save the dates are very popular here. I think that any way of getiing the date across is good (email, phone calls, formal invite). My mom also insisted on a mailed item. We made a postcard with a picture of us. People ended up leaving them on their fridge until the invite came. Some people make custom magnets for this purpose.

  7. You might trust your guests but I've heard some awful tales about waiters making off with gifts or cards full of money! Which makes a card box seem like a pretty good idea!


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