Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Random Question

Which side of the bed do you sleep on?
Last week O and I watched the first episode of the BBC series Wonderland, The British in Bed (via iPlayer). The programme interviewed British couples, about their relationships, while they were in bed.

We both loved the elderly couple who had been married for 40+ years and were absolutely hilarious. Almost as soon as the programme started O noticed that some of the couples sleep on the wrong side of the bed, by wrong I mean different from us.

As you look at the bed I sleep on the left and O sleeps on the right (opposite to the picture). This is the same as both our parents and about 99% of the other couples we know. My sister #2 is actually the only person I know who doesn’t sleep on the right (i.e. left) side of the bed.


  1. I sleep on the left when you're in it. the same way round as the picture. just another way in which im odd :)

  2. We sleep opposite the pic as well. We tried switching it up and it was so weird.

  3. We sleep the same way as you guys too!

    It feels really odd the other way although I have never really noticed how others sleep, think my sis does the same as us too.

  4. It depends upon the bed. At home and Bean's parents I sleep on the right but in my home home I sleep on the left. I think I just prefer the side closest to the window?! Does this make me weird?!

  5. I agree with you, that couple are on the wrong sides! x


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