Tuesday, 22 September 2009

Possibilities for O's wedding ring

O won't wear a wedding ring, he doesn't wear any jewellery and doesn't intend to after we are married. But we do believe that he will need a ring for the day. O is a gardener so I like the idea of his ring containing some symbol of nature. Found these on etsy....


I'm off work for a few days before I head to Spain which is why there is a flood of posts.


  1. I really like the first one as its a bit different. Its a good idea to get him one tho, even though he wont be wearing it all the time.

  2. He may change his mind about the ring. My husband was so-so on the ring thing, but then after he wore it on the day of the wedding, he has not taken it off! I would think twice about a wooden ring. I thought they were neat too, but husband (who also works with his hands) thought that it would not take the wear and tear. Photos of the rings ended up with in my blog...


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