Friday, 11 September 2009

We're not having a Wedding

We're creating a marriage.

There have been lots of brilliant posts about not concentrating on one day, when you are creating a bond that will last the rest of your lives. I read them wanting to shout "hurray".

I don't particularly want a wedding, we've had a couple of friends get married with only their parents in attendance and it is sooo tempting. However I couldn't get married without my sisters and O’s brother and sister there and by the time all our family are there then what is a few friends for good measure and then the ball is rolling and it seems to get bigger and bigger.

Every time O and I talk about the wedding we get stressed and irritable, but when we talk about being married and our future we agree, smile and giggle.

So the word Wedding is banned from our house, we will have a marriage ceremony and hopefully a kick-ass party and then live happily ever after (or some other cheesy cliché).


  1. Seriously, could not agree more! Even when I was little I wanted to wear the marriage dress.

  2. Oh, but the party is the best part!

  3. Oh don't worry we'll be having a party! Just not the stress of "wedding".


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