Thursday, 10 September 2009


So I’m struggling with my identity – ha-ha no change there I’ve been struggling with that since I was about 13.
But really what should I reveal or not reveal via my blog. I haven’t told anyone about the blog as I’m worried that they will find it strange and will laugh at me (seriously in my late 20’s and still worried what other people think – grow a pair girl, sorry inner dialogue not really helping with the identity crisis).
But when people comment (thank you Peonies* and Anna*) it feels rude not to sign off with my name or at least some sign off rather than My Spare Thoughts – perhaps I should have come up with a better name or perhaps I need an alias.
Anyway for now while I deal with my inner turmoil I’m just going to be R.

*updated links to these brilliant blogs please visit them and enjoy the loveliness

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  1. Oh I am totally the same. Anon is fine with me for the moment. I was just going to write a similar post.

    I do not have blog aware friends either!


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