Monday, 7 September 2009

#1, #2 & #3 (Me)

I'm the youngest in my family and have the joy of having two older sisters, my Dad has numbered us according to birth order, you'll hear him handing the phone to my Mum - "it's #3";

#1 is 13 and a bit years older than me and she left home when she was 16 (to spend a year in the USA). We have never lived together (when I was aware) and spent a lot of time not really getting on, there was of course sisterly love but she lived all her life experiences so much in advance of me we never really connected (she got married when I was 13 and had my wonderful nephew when I was 15 and then my niece 18 months after that). She also spent 10 years of her life as an only child so you can kind of understand her not being over the moon to have 2 little brats breaking up her home. Over time we are slowly reconnecting and the gap between us is thankfully shrinking. We are finally becoming sisters.

#2 is 3 and a half years older than me - however she also left home when she was 16 (spent a year in Holland)

Let me just clarify my parents are the most amazing people and they were fully supportive of my sisters leaving home so young. In fact they both volunteered for the organisation which set up exchange schemes for young people to experience another country for a year - we used to get new 16 year olds living with us all the time.

So #2 and I have had our fair share of sisterly battles - we have stolen each others make up and clothes and fought like cat and dog. Having come through that time relatively unscathed we are much closer. Our life paths seem also to be practically in line, it's good to have someone to voice your concerns to that the world is a crazy crazy place.

We have asked #1 & #2 to be my bridesmaids, however as they are both older than me and glamorous independent women the word bridesmaid didn't seem appropriate so from now on I'm going to call them my Best Women.

p.s. visit Project Subrosa who also numbers her siblings but there are 6 of them!

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