Thursday, 27 May 2010

Catching Up

I miss interacting with you all. I’m still occasionally posting and I’m still reading but I’m not finding time to comment on your blogs or to reply to your comments on my blog. Although I’m with Mrs T, I’m not sure the correct etiquette. So I thought I’d give you a quick update on life at the minute and reply to some of your comments in this post so that you don’t miss them. Firstly the reason I’ve been slightly distracted is that the wedding invitations went in the post today! Woop woop. I’m so happy to have them done and in the post. It also makes the wedding feel much more real. Now we might have actual guests there.

This weekend we are heading north to O’s family for a wedding. Can’t wait to see my nephew and we are hand delivering a few of the invitations so that will be nice. I hope people like them.

Now the invitations are posted I'll have more time to do stuff and more head space to comment on your blogs.

Getting back to you:


@amberdawn – firstly welcome it is lovely to have you here.
Getting someone to decorate the cake could be a blog post in itself. We did have someone confirmed who then had to pull out. We approached a couple of people who wouldn’t do it for health and safety reasons. In case someone got food poisoning and blamed it on the cake icing. We found someone who wouldn’t ice the sponge cakes although they did offer to decorate a couple of polystyrene blocks which we could use as the smaller tiers. We thought that, that was a bit strange and a bit rude to O’s mum. Plus the price they were charging was ridiculous. Finally we found our cake lady and she is lovely.

@Gaynor – I think one of the first photos you posted, one of your friend’s pictures, has you cutting your cake so it stuck in my mind that they are similar.

Mum2 - @Zoe – I think Mum2 might be busy but my Mum classes herself as honorary Mum to all of my friends. She will adopt anyone who is nice to her daughters. I’d be happy to loan her to you for the day or longer if needed.

Cat - @Rebecca – Cat wuvs you too

Hen do - @glasgowbride – The hen do was great. A blog post is coming I promise.


  1. I'm immensely glad that the cat I've never met wuvs me too :)

  2. Thanks for the link love. Glad to hear someone else is as clueless as me - sometimes I feel like all the cool bloggers must thing I'm insane!

  3. You sound busy busy but Whoop to the invites going out! When to we get to see them???

    Glad you are going to have more time to comment on blogs again soon; as my recaps are finally going to start asap! {im just waiting on the day before pics from my sis and rehearsal pics from our parents since I didnt take any while I was busy practicing my vows!}

  4. Oh and going back to the blog commments thing, I always thought if people dont have the send follow up comments thing {although I have to admit I have no clue how to set that up!} then you couldnt get replies but I have just noticed you can also subscribe and you get the follow up comments too; must start doing that although I fear my inbox would get totally full! ha ha!

  5. He he... thanks for the Mum loan offer! I am nice I promise!

    Glad to hear the invites are going out... that's v exciting!!

    I'm having my first bridezilla moment today... this morning saw me in tears as good friends have want to book a barn for the same date we had in mind and have a humanist wedding too. Know there's will be different but I am so gutted. Is this just the kind of thing I should expect to feel like?!

    (Plus the OH was suggesting I shouldn't blog on wedding stuff any more as they've mentioned doing a few of the things I've blogged about. You can imagine how that got to me too!)

    Sorry for the overshare – I can't blog on it as she already reads my blog!!


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