Tuesday, 18 May 2010

How well do you know the bride?

Readers, for what feels like the umpteenth time I need your help.

On Friday, ash cloud permitting, #1 & #2 will be arriving for my hen weekend. We are having a day at a spa and then a girly night in. My hen organising committee have asked me to come up with a "how well do you know the bride" quiz to help break the ice and to help all the wonderful ladies in my life get to know each other. So do you have any suggestions for questions?

My weekend:

Plenty of girl banter
Sisterly catch ups
Full body massage
relaxing in the sauna
Drinking - not much for me, I can count on one hand the number of drinks I've had this year so far. Drink does not agree with me at all!
Not very much sleep

His weekend:
Cleaning the flat
Printing invitation inserts
Cutting card for the inserts
Printing envelopes

p.s. One of the organising committee actually reads the blog. Yup a real life person - when I get a free second I will tell you all about her but at the moment she has lost the link to the blog and is waiting for me to send her it again.


  1. oh we did something similar at Kays hen party though it as questons involving the hubby, it was really fun!!

    How about favourite colour, what you wanted to be when you were little...?

    If you look on google there were alot of examples of questions you could use - I'll have a look to see if I still have any links for you!

  2. Stupid ash cloud! YAY hens night.

    Most embarrassing moment?
    Name of your first kiss?
    Fav food? tv show? colour?

  3. Loving his weekend! ;) Relaxing and catch ups sounds fab :D


    First job? First crush?
    Nickname as a child? (Nickname as an adult?)
    What's your hangover cure? (Not drinking sounds like it at the moment!)
    What did you think of your OH when you first met?
    What was your childhood pet?
    Do they know your 'porn' name? (First pet's name plus your mother's maiden name!)

    Think that's all from me until I have some tea! ;)

  4. My bridesmaids did a similar thing but got Graham to answer questions and me to guess his answer!

    My suggestions:

    When you met OH?
    Your first kiss? {hilariously mine was Graham}
    How OH proposed?
    Favourite saying?
    Dream holiday destination?
    Place you would love to live?
    Best holiday?
    What you feel is your greatest achievement?

    Will let you know if I think of anymore!

    Spa weekend sounds fab, which one are you going to? We are trying to arrange one for my friends hen night.

  5. Favourite song?
    Guess your first dance song? {if you are having one}
    Guess what your wedding dress will be like? {if they havent seen it}

    Sorry, trying to think of more wedding related stuff too since its for a hen do!

  6. How was the Hen Weekend??

    Obviously too late to help with questions but we did a rather risque version of that game at a friends hen night. I was shocked at the bride's antics!


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