Friday, 14 May 2010

Stag Do

I'm feeling all out of sorts my boy is off on his stag do. 

His weekend:
Plenty of boy banter
A long journey
Not very much sleep

My weekend:
Cleaning the flat
Eating lots of unhealthy snacks
Watching lots of rubbish TV
Printing our invitations
Gluing bits of card for the invitations
Printing envelopes


  1. Sounds like our evenings last night!

  2. Hope you have a good weekend, good luck with the invites!

    I think thats why we ended up going the same weekend.

  3. No fair. I would pout a bit.

  4. ohh.. I quite like the sound of your weekend! there again i'm with my boy all the time.. so alone time is a luxury.. and I am exhausted so i wouldn't be the best company!

    woop woop invite time.. I really must get on with ours! so so so so so much to do.

  5. I remember feeling like that when my boy went on his last year. I dragged my girlfriends out. It passes quickly.

    Now, my boy is away every week for 3 nights and I've got used to it pretty quickly.

    Enjoy the bath and the peace. x

  6. Sounds good to me. Bath and book. Heaven

  7. Have you had your hen? If not, then remember to insist that he stay in while you're away and tidy the flat/glue things etc ;)

    Last stag my OH was on I was away for the weekend in London - so I was sort of saved the I wonder what he's up to bit!

    Hope you've enjoyed your chilled weekend so far x


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