Saturday, 22 May 2010

There is going to be a wedding

Today one of my favourite bloggers is getting married. The below poem was the first post of Catherine's that I read. I loved the poem and then I saw her photos and I was hooked.

Catherine, Richard and William I wish you all the happiness possible. I hope you have a wonderful love filled day.


If we were in Talisker on the shore
where the great white foaming mouth of water
opens between two jaws as hard as flint –
the Headland of Stones and the Red Point –
I’d stand forever by the waves
renewing love out of their crumpling graves
as long as the sea would be going over
the Bay of Talisker forever;
I would stand there by the filling tide
till Preshal bowed his stallion head.

And if the two of us were together
on the shores of Calgary in Mull
between Scotland and Tiree,
between this world and eternity,
I’d stand there till time was done
counting the sands grain by grain.
And also in Uist, on Hosta’s shore,
in the face of solitude’s fierce stare,
I’d remain standing, without sleep,
while sea were ebbing, drop by drop.
And if I were on Moidart’s shore
with you, my novelty of desire,
I’d offer this synthesis of love,
grain and water, sand and wave.
And were we by the shelves of Staffin
where the huge joyless sea is coughing
stones and boulders from its throat,
I’d build a fortified wall
against eternity’s savage howl.

Sorley MacLean


  1. Lovely post, I havent read Catherines blog before so might have to start!

  2. Oh, I've been away for the week and have just read this!! Thank you R, that's so sweet! We had a fab time :D - and we had that poem at the wedding.


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