Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Flowers all around

Oops posted too early by mistake sorry

So the florist* is booked, we are having low square glass vases filled with vendela roses, blue delphiniums, lilac, freesias, white veronica and silver green foliage. I'm having a tear drop bouquet and my girls are having hand tied posies. The boys will be having thistles as button holes. I'm waiting for my Mum and O's Mum to decide on what flowers they might want. Here are some of the flowers I sent to the florist for inspiration:

*we got on really well and she agreed to stick to my budget

As my florist pointed out most of these are purple not blue which is what I'm going for. Huh?!


  1. Love, love, love your colours and flowers. Hmm inspiration I feel!

  2. gorgeous, whatever colour they are!
    we're having the same buttons as you, our men really do think similarily dont they! I particularily love the first one. some of those are purple, but I think true blue flowers can sometimes look shockingly bright, and the purple seems to temper that in those photos, so I say go with it. whats that? you weren't asking my opinion? oh well...

  3. I must be colour blind because most of those look blue to me! Beautiful flowers - I love your colour scheme.

  4. Such pretty inspiration. But I agree with your florist, I do see a lot of purple. But there are some blues too.

    Congrats on finding a good florist!

  5. Gorgeous inspiration! Love the colours

  6. blue - purple.. come on it's not like they're polls apart.. one's just got a little more red in!

    Beautiful, beautiful flowers though.. how exciting - another thing done! I LOVE the bouquet 5th one down.. has that wonderful natural feel about it. so pretty.. x

  7. Thistles? Snap! But I booked ours a fews days ago so I guess we can put it down to great minds thinking alike hehe :D

  8. They are all really pretty. Can't wait to see what she comes up with! One more thing ticked off the list.

  9. Good to have another thing booked. I love the 4th bouquet down.

    It's weird with the flowers since you don't see the until the day, I loved how mine and the bridesmaids and the table decs turned out from what we discussed but it was odd just seeing them when they arrived! I got graham a vanda orchid to match my bouquet and the other men had ivory orchids so that graham was a bit different. Sinceour wedding party all had different tartens it helped to single them out. I think anyway!


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