Friday, 9 July 2010

Ideas on a post card please

O’s Dad is a jack-of-all-trades. However, his skill lies is woodwork – detailed woodwork. We have asked him to make us a special box that we will use for our wedding photos. We will also use the box to keep our guest messages in. We are supplying our guests with pens and reference cards and hope that they will write us a message of good luck. We need some sort of sign that tells them what the deal is i.e. take a card and write us a message. But I’m not sure how to write the sign.
The best I’ve come up with so far is, which we might go with is:

“Guest Book – sort of” or maybe "take a card and write us a message"

Do you have any ideas or have you seen any inspiration? I don’t particularly want a long explanation just something reasonably short and snappy.

Thank you!


  1. What about this 'sentimental nonsense' from this wedding

  2. How about -

    Wishes for the newlyweds

  3. we are doing postcards for the guest book too. We have a mailbox and I'm making a sing that say 'please drop us a line' or 'please fill out a postcard for us and drop it in the mail!'. The mailbox will be right there so I hope they understand!

  4. I like Mrs T's wishes for the newlyweds!

    The questions we stamped in our guest book had

    How do you know the Bride & Groom?
    Where did you travel from?
    Any advice for the Newlyweds?
    Your Special Wishes for Us

  5. Not so much advice on what to say, but maybe think about getting the best man/bridesmaid to hand them out at dessert? We did that and it meant everyone was sitting, and they spoke about what to write. Otherwise, it's easy to not notice the box/forget to do it/ etc.

    We also had pages similar to Gaynor, and a space to draw a picture of themselves. The result was amazingly hilarious! x


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