Friday, 9 July 2010

Fruit Picking

Last weekend, after years of talking about it, we decided we would go fruit picking. Except Scotland decided to throw its toys out the pram on Sunday and have a tantrum. We had gale force wind, torrential rain and even sleet at one point so the prospect of going outside was not appealing.

My family and I used to go fruit picking when I was a little girl during those summers which were endless and the sun was always shining (I have clearly blocked out the months of rain). In the years when fruit picking was the cheaper way to get your fruit – it is now very expensive to pick your own. We would arrive and pick (and eat) strawberries, raspberries, blackberries and gooseberries. Screaming and running, dropping fruit as we went, from wasps and bees. Moaning at our sore backs and bramble scratched hands. Once we had, had our fill and the moaning became too much to bear for my parents we would head home. As much of the fresh fruit was eaten, the rest went into the huge chest freezer in the garage and was turned into different desserts including gooseberry fool, which I hated because it was too bitter for my sweet tooth*.
I want the sun to come back so that we can go and pick our own.

*We have rhubarb growing in the garden that I also find too bitter. I’m tempted to try and turn it into rhubarb fool but the amount of sugar required is quite scary.

This weekend we'll be doing wedding stuff. I hope you have fun stuff planned.

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  1. stew the rhubarb in the oven chopped into chunks, with a helpng of sugar, and a tabelspoon of water to get it going, on a lowish heat until its tender, then have it over a good quality vanilla ice cream.

  2. I absolutely love Rhubarb and Gooseberries, I could recommend honey instead of sugar in Rebecca's recipe above. We used to have them growing in our garden and I loved the puddings we used to get in summer. Happy days!

  3. i used to always go fruit picking as a little girl too! i still love it :)

  4. I love picking fruit. As a kid we used to pick strawberries, blueberries, and apples. I haven't been in years, but you've inspired me.

  5. I have never been fruit picking but I would like to go sometime; my mum grows rhubarb and she makes the best crumble with it!

    How was doing wedding stuff; I was at my friends hen do, thankfully it all went fab!


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