Tuesday, 13 July 2010

The Joys of Cat Ownership III

Sunday morning I got up and went through to the kitchen to feed the cats. On the way, I very nearly tripped over a Frisbee that was lying in the middle of the floor. I didn’t really think much of it, perhaps O had been playing Frisbee after I had gone to bed the night before, yes it was early I was still sleepy. I had a bath and was generally pottering about, and noticed that the Cat was sitting very close to the Frisbee – not her usual spot. As time went on, I began to get suspicious of her attachment to the Frisbee. It was right next to two bags of bits and pieces we’d bought on Saturday. I gingerly lifted the bags expecting a mouse or other such small furry creature to run out from under them. Nothing. Hmmm, so I went to lift the Frisbee and saw the tail! Dropping the Frisbee, back into position, I ran into the bedroom doing that jumpy/hoppy up and down itchy thing where you feel like the mouse is crawling up your leg.

Me: “O? Did you move the Frisbee?”

O: “No”

Me: “Where was the Frisbee when you went to bed”

O: “I don’t know. It’s been on the bottom shelf for ages”

Me: “Well it is now in the middle of the floor with a mouse under it. Did you put it over the mouse?”

O: “You what? No I didn’t move it. Are you sure there is a mouse under it?

Me “Yup”

O: “Is it still alive?”

Me “Think so”

O gets dressed, comes through to the living room, looks at the Frisbee, looks at the shelf FOUR feet away where it is usually kept and looks back at the Frisbee and at the Cat who is still very much attached to the Frisbee. He uses a big piece of cardboard and slides it under the Frisbee lifting gingerly; he proceeds to take it down the stairs and outside releasing the mouse. We watch it run off rather dazed and a little bruised and battered but alive. Back up the stairs to discover little mouse pee all over the floor under the Frisbee and a VERY PISSED OFF CAT.

We still can’t work out whether it was the mouse who moved the Frisbee or the Cat.


  1. Poor Mousey! Glad you saved it.

  2. this happened to me, but with a hoover! benny brought one in, and it managed to hide under the hoover in the kitchen, and I thought benny was telling me to do more housework!

  3. At least it wasn't a parakeet. That was the last thing my/parents' cat brought in. She is naughty!

  4. cats are certainly fun roommates :)

  5. I should never try and comment via phone.:..

  6. Haha, maybe the mouse thought the frisbee would protect it from the cat so it went under there to sneak away. But I'm guessing the cat figured out there was a mouse under there and batted the frisbee around a bit until you came along.

  7. Sounds lovely!

    Our first cat at my parents put a live shrew in my doc marten boot one time! Was lovely to put my foot it {and yes this was forever ago!}


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