Tuesday, 6 April 2010

My Life in Magazines

I got my first riding lesson for my 11th birthday. Little did my parents know that it would become an obsession for rest of my teens. Every Sunday they got rid of me to the stables, I think they enjoyed getting rid of me but not the early morning start. I stopped when I went to University because lessons were so expensive. I would love to start again but I'm a bit shy and skint. (image from here)

When I hit my teens I pretended to become interested in music. It didn't really last all that long. Fast Forward no longer exists so this is the only image I could find.

Then I became corrupted by fashion and make up and worrying that I didn't look like a pop star. (image from here)
Further corruption but this time with built in pressure to have sex. I had to hide these ones from my parents. (image from here)

Between the ages of 16 and my first years at University I wasn't really loyal to any one magazine. Also I wasn't buying that many magazines in a bid to save some money. But then I discovered Marie Claire and I've been a loyal reader since then.

Of course my tastes have temporarily changed. Although I do find wedding magazines scary. I've mostly learnt what I don't want for our wedding from the magazines I have read. (from here)

For after the wedding when we can save money to re-do our kitchen, buy new carpet and get some decent furniture. Oh and I can dream at the beautiful homes we can't afford. (from here)


  1. heh heh.
    I rode horses all through my teens, skipped the music stage though. bought vogue for about 3 years in college, never bothered with marie claire or the likes (except for a stint getting shout magazine as a girl).I went onto wedding magazines for a while, but once I'd saturated myself with torn out images I went back to my love of interiors and textiles magazines again.
    I currently religiously read Selvedge and country living, and I just bought Olive (£3.50 an issue, but you can get 5 for £5?!) crazy.
    I buy magazines to rip them up now (apart from selvedge which I keep pristine)
    I love magazines :)

  2. Genius post. I subscribe to Living Etc just to look at the prettiness and dream!

    When I was young I used to buy Elle decoration and Vogue instead of sugar etc because I wanted to be cool and also they were amazing!

    True, true about learning what you don't want from wedding magazines. At least I offloaded them all to my nemesis, Nellie!

  3. I'm onto home magazines too. Loved this post.

  4. Funny how all us bloggers are magazine-obsessed... maybe a bit telling?

    Actually since I started reading blogs, I've pretty much given up on a lot of mags – I used to buy the whole lot (Marie Claire, Company, Grazia, Heat, Vogue, New Woman...) but once I got really into reading blog stuff I realised I'd already seen most of what was in the mags online already.

    I still get Living Etc, Elle Dec, Easy Living (it was on offer for £1 a month!) and Scottish Weddings too! I mainly play the spot someone I know thing with them - as so far I've spotted someone in every issue! ;)

  5. Aww thank you it is always nice to hear that you liked a post especially when I worry that I waffle a load of rubbish.

    @Rebecca I'd never heard of Selvedge it looks lovely not surprised you are keeping them pristine

    @Conversation Pieces I keep looking through Scottish Weddings expecting to see people I know and never do, you must know some glamourous folk.

  6. Great post. I'm calming down my magazine obsession because wedding magazines on top of my usual diet of Company, Glamour, Cosmopolitan and Marie Claire was threatening to financially cripple me. I dream of the day when I can buy home magazines, but it would depress me considering we live in a cream box just now.


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