Monday, 28 November 2011

#bloggingsix Secret Santa

Some of my favourite bloggers and I decided that we would do a Secret Santa. As well as a bought gift we made things for our secret Santa recipient. 

I made something for Zoe, it is on her blog today. Go and have a look. I was a little nervous about it so was very relieved with how it turned out and that Zoe seemed to like it.

aDizzyGirl was my Secret Santa and as well as a lovely brooch I got three jars full of good stuff; salted caramel sauce, peppermint creams and honey roasted nuts. I didn't manage to take any photos before O and I stuck right into them so you'll just need to take my word for it they are scrumptious. 

See another Secret Santa post here 


  1. I didn't only seem to like it... I liked it an awful lot :) Yum to the salted caramel, nuts etc... was wondering how those were! :)

  2. The cross-stitch you made is gorgeous. It sounds like it was a lovely day.

  3. I saw that Cross Stitch over at Conversation Pieces - it's awesome!

    Oh, and that salted caramel sauce sounds delicious.

  4. You cross stitch was lovely and very perfectly Zoe!

    Also, I am STILL jealous of the yummy things D made you!


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