Monday, 16 April 2012

Iceland V 2011

On our last full day we did our own Golden Circle tour. We headed to Thingveiller to start with and had a wander and learnt about Icelandic history. 

Then we went up to Gulfoss (waterfall) – OMG I’ve never been so cold. Could barely stand up because of the wind. It is a spectacular sight and you can feel the power. The spray coming off the waterfall had completely frozen all the ground and grass around.
Then we headed back down to Geysir – again pretty amazing. These places are the only ones where we felt pretty surrounded by tourists which was a bit of a shame.

For our last night we booked a room very close to the airport because our flight was a 7:30ish in the morning so we stayed in Keflavik. We checked in got a take away pizza and drove to Hafnir (or just past it really) to see the Intercontinental bridge where the European and American plates meet. O ran up to the bridge, I was too interested in eating the pizza before it went cold. 

Then we finished our trip at the Blue Lagoon. It is beautiful, we didn’t get to see the landscape as it was too dark when we got there but we swam about looking for the hot bits. The trip was kind of made by the fact that we could see the northern lights from in the pool. They eventually kicked us out of the lagoon and we headed back to Keflavik pulling off the road down a dark track to watch the northern lights – attracting the attention of the police, don’t know what they thought we were getting up to. But once they realised we had our faces stuck to the windscreen and the camera desperately trying to capture the lights they left us be (photos did not happen!). When we got back to the hotel we realised we could actually see the northern lights from in our hotel room but it was extremely cold and windy with the wind open.

Iceland has to be our favourite holiday and we're already desperate to go back.

photos by O or me


  1. I've just read all of thes ein one go. It looks incredible and makes me want to go there even more than I already did (I wanted to go a lot!)

  2. Your photos are spectacular (I am doing a catch-up). Haha, the idea of you eating pizza in a car while O runs to a bridge is ace.

    I so want to go to Iceland now. It is going on the list!

  3. Just love your photos. Iceland is on my top ten list of places to go in the world, so really interesting to read about your trip. Fantastic you saw the Northern Lights at the Blue Lagoon!
    Thanks for sharing, Fleur.


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