Thursday, 11 November 2010

Cee unveiled

By telling me, that my blog did not appear very chipper Cee was not having a go – what she was really saying was “You love writing, you love your blog, and you’re not doing what you love. There must be something taking up a lot of head space going on, what is it and how can I help”

I have been meaning to write about Cee for quite some time – let’s start with the fact that her name is actually Cass but as I’ve changed the names of everyone on the blog that is what she got lumbered with. When I first wrote about Cee as one of my Special Women I mentioned that she had her own blog and that, with her permission, I’d let you know about it. I would really like to let you know about her blog – she is hilarious. In fact, you may have heard one of her stories – the ketchup incident. I think it has become an urban legend. When Cass first phoned to tell me about the ketchup incident, I was home from University on Christmas break, my Mum came into the kitchen to find me on the floor with tears streaming down my face. She very nearly phoned an ambulance and it took a wee while for her to realise that I was laughing uncontrollably.

So what is the point of this rambling you are asking? Go ahead and just link already! Well I would do but I am scared, it goes back to my whole anxiety over anonymity (yes other than the photos of my face). As far as I am aware, no one who knows me in real life other than Cass and O has actually found the blog and I would rather like to keep it that way. Cass on the other hand is very public with her blog; she has sent the link round to all her friends and family and has posted it through her Facebook page. My fear is that if I link to her blog then you lovely people go and read it (and you might possibly mention me) and if her friends and family get curious and link to you, they might find me. Paranoid me? YES big style!

If I do link to Cass’ blog and you comment you have to promise not to mention me (as R or Spare Thoughts).
If you do go and read her blog – you have to promise to be NICE, not that I would expect you to be anything else but I am fiercely loyal.

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