Thursday, 3 February 2011

Six Months Left

With the realisation that it has been six month since we got married came the unpleasant realisation that I have six months of my twenties left.

I’m not one for making lists of life goals and the things I’d like to achieve can happen just as easily in my thirties as they can in my twenties. I don't feel a need to cram experiences into a certain decade - playing devils advocate though this could also be why I never get round to achieving any of my goals because I don't put a deadline on them. 

O and I will be going to Rome at some point this year to celebrate my thirtieth – I've wanted to go to Rome for years (see above!). We don’t know when we will go, although the fact that we have friends with a spare room currently staying outside of Florence until July means probably sooner rather than later.

Any tips of where to stay, where to go and what to do would be very much appreciated. Rebecca thank you so much for your email even if I haven’t actually managed to read it yet.


  1. The thirties won't hurt a bit. I promise. I will be officially half-way to forty in a few months, so you can believe me.

  2. Not sure I can really be any help as I just have 10 months of my 20's left from today too!!!

    I kind of had a list of things to do before 30 & have ticked some off! Although when i was moaning about being 30 last night with friends, they were all like what are you talking about, you just got married, you have a place to live and are doing the job you always wanted etc etc so dont worry about it!

    As for Rome; its fabulous, ive been 3 times which is probably a little excessive but never mind, there is so much to see.

    You must climb the dome at st peters, eat lots of ice cream, stare at the sistine chapel ceiling, spend hours in the vatican museum, throw a coin into the trevi fountain & cant think of anything else just now!

    But you should go to Florence too if you can; its lovely!

  3. Ok, I know you want to talk about about Rome but..

    Oh my, you have to go to Florence asap! Tis wonderful. The earlier the better (to avoid the scary heat and crazy tourists!)

    One of my mother's best friends is married to an Italian and lives outside Florence. Ooo will have to talk to her about places to go. She is a wine/vineyard guide - amazing job! Loved it out there just visiting tiny restaurants and eating everything!! Ooo, so much excitement.

  4. If you can go to Florence *and* Rome, you must. Really. They're so different and so wonderful. Cliche as it is, I'd say to hit up all the typical touristy spots. They're too historical and beautiful to pass up, I think. Wherever you end up going, make sure to stuff yourself silly with pasta and wine, and remember that you can - and should - walk pretty much anywhere. (Probably not such a big deal for you, but for an American living in a HUGE state, getting to actually *walk* everywhere was a welcome change for me when I went.)

  5. If it helps, I think deadlines on life goals are sometimes depressing... I used to set myself massive deadlines and then feel like a failure when I hadn't achieved them. I think an open ended 'here's what I'd like to do...' could be a better plan.

    p.s. 30 is fun! I promise :)

  6. enjoy the last bit of the 20s! i'm sure seeing Rome will make the transition easier (I hope you had a fabulous time!!!)


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