Wednesday, 9 March 2011

It's a book

I'm a very lucky lady and was given a kindle for Christmas. I love it, I love going away for a week and only having to carry the kindle even though I read three and a half books in that time. I love being able to buy and receive books instantly (I'm an instant gratification type of a girl).

I still love books, our overflowing book shelves are testament to that. I got my love of books from my parents, while staying with them we managed to spend a long time browsing through a book shop. My Dad, a local primary school governor, came across this book and bought it for the school. 

Kind of optimises modern day thinking on books.

I cringed when a colleague suggested buying a kindle for her 10 year old daughter. I just kind of think at that age you should still be enjoying the feel of a book and turning a page.

It's a book by Lane Smith (Amazon)


  1. You will be shocked at me saying this - as you know I haven't bought a Kindle because of the irrational fear that there will be NO REAL BOOKS - but I think that as Kindles are here to stay, children around that age should perhaps experience both those and real books.

    I want a copy of 'It's a Book'. Also, as an aside, it bothers me a bit that on the bus/train lots of people have Kindles, and I can't see what they are reading.

  2. my husband has a kindle but we are still big fans of old fashioned books too. we also both read that book you mentioned last time we were at borders. its very cute!

  3. That book is fantastic.

    Nothing could ever replace a REAL book, to me. They're just too cozy and homey. E-readers are cold pieces of technology. It's like the difference between talking on the phone (or skype-ing) with a friend versus talking in person. Both have their place, but nothing can touch the real thing.

    As for 10-year-olds and e-readers...they should just have real books until they hit college. Books for college are expensive, and if you can get them on an e-reader, then so much the better. Plus, less heavy to lug around campus.

  4. I am still jealous of the kindle!

    I too have far too many books, our bookcase is overflowing but I dont like getting rid of any as I might want to re-read them!

    I guess kids now are going to have to experience both but there is still nothing like reading a proper book when you want to get away from a screen; and 10 is prob too young {altho in Game the other day, there were some kids discussing how they had a blackberry & iphone and I was thinking eh I only got my iphone last year!}


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