Monday, 21 March 2011


(image by one of my family)

I'm not quite sure what I'm doing with the balloon, but given that this picture was taken Christmas day 1993 - anything could be going on.

In this picture I'm growing out my 'boy' haircut - not sure why that hairdresser listened to me when I asked for short hair. I think, I assumed that by making my hair shorter the curls would go away - no matter how short it will still curl! I had the curly mop haircut above in varying lengths for over 15 years until my current hairdresser insisted that I have much shorter layers put in. It was such an eye opener to no longer have triangular hair.

I still own the top I'm wearing in this picture - it is from the Guinness factory

I seem to have quite a few 'started' posts saved as draft but nothing that is fully thought through and ready to post.

I started drafting this post in November!


  1. You're clearly making a balloon animal right? (That's my guess!) Haircuts of yester years are to teach us never to have them again I say ;) Although as someone with naturally poker straight hair, I aspire to triangular hair!

  2. Yes I agree, must be a balloon animal, maybe with instructions on the tv?

    Im with you on the draft posts too, ive a couple from September 2009!!! that I never got round to sharing yet, something about all the times ive been a bridesmaid, which would show some interesting hair styles! and all of my friends weddings!

  3. ha ha Ryan also does the tongue stick out when he concentrates too! I love it!


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