Friday, 12 August 2011

Random Birthday Thoughts

O spotted and removed 3 grey hairs from my head (that is a photo of them, which you could see much better before I compressed the file. Now it looks like a picture of my hand). Well to be honest he noticed more but I was fed up of having my hair pulled.
I removed the piercing bar from my belly button. It has been there since I was 18. It hasn't been on display for a long, long time. I didn't expect to miss it but I do strangely.

I fully expect that neither of these pieces of information will be of interest to you. Sorry.


  1. I saw the picture, with the title of the post and thought 'awww he bought her a ring' and then read a bit and thought 'r you put the wrong picture up' and then read more and thought 'oh my god you have a belly button bar'

  2. You took out your belly bar? Why? (I still have mine.)

    And I can't see the grey hairs at all... it does just look like a pic of your rings :)

  3. My wee belly button has been empty for a wee while now and it feels oddly naked although I enjoy not worrying about it getting caught on belts etc!!

  4. I have had grey hairs since I was 15. I so know your pain!

    I think removing things that are a symbol of being 'young' is quite a big thing!

  5. I pull out my own greay hairs. My considerably greyer boyfriend moans at me. I think he's just jealous because mine are few and far between

  6. Ha ha I thought the same as Rebecca, oh I didnt know you had a belly bar!

    Blaagh to grey hairs though!

  7. Bloody grey hairs. 3 is not too many though, I pull out loads all the time.

    Didn't know you had a belly bar either, although, why would I?! You aren't a belly flashing kinda gal! (I took mine out at 25 when I realised I only got it because my parents forbade it - I do sometimes still miss it a little)


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