Monday, 8 August 2011

My Spare Rantings 2

Dear Hoteliers,

Two beds pushed together does not make a king size bed. It does not make a romantic giant bed. It makes two beds pushed together. It means someone falls down the break or a young recently married couple sleep miles apart*.

Please sort it out.

Thank you

*p.s. and then when they get home to their standard double bed they both try to sleep star fish style and there isn't enough room. 

I think I've ranted about this before - Sorry.


  1. yikes. awful.

    we were put in a room with two double beds for our HONEYMOON, of all times. only they weren't pushed-together, faux-king. they were across the room.

    we dubbed one "sex bed" and the other "sleep bed."

  2. So blooming true! I HATE when they do that... if you paid for a double, you should get a double bed. Grrrr (partly because I always end up in the dip!)

  3. I hate when they do that too! Its so not the same!

    Once we booked a double room in a holiday inn and were given twin beds which were actually miles apart and couldnt even be pushed together! We moved rooms!

    Although now that I need a good sleep and im up during the night and hard to get comfy, its prob wouldnt be so bad for a couple of nights! Ha ha, how things change!

  4. With you on this one. We got two twins in Sorrento and had to wait around while the maid untwinned them and zipped them together.

    IB likes it because then there is a clear line down the middle to seperate the sides! (I'm a rumbler and he hates it)


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