Thursday, 28 July 2011

Italy: Luca & Pisa

Our last day in Italy we went to Luca. We went to Luca mainly to get gelato. We wandered around the walls of this beautiful fortified town with friends. I'd really like to visit Luca again - mainly for the gelato.

Then we got the train to Pisa, we marched rather quickly from the train station to the leaning tower. Friends we were with climbed the tower, however we were worried we would run out of time. So we watched them climb as they stopped at different stages to wave at us. There isn't really anything else to see in Pisa so we trekked back to the station, on to the airport and waited for our flight to depart.

That was a very long and dull account of our few days in Italy. It feels like such a long time ago. I hope we will be visiting  Italy again.


  1. Not dull I love hearing about others travels before i bore you all with mine!

    Ive never been to Luca but agree there wasnt much else to see in Pisa; ive never climbed the tower though so must do that next time!

  2. Did you do the 'pushing the tower over' shot? Do you think it's worth going to Pisa then just to see it?? (Still trying to plot our route.)

  3. It is in no way dull! You are the second person in as many weeks to say there is nothing else in Piza!

  4. I'll go to Luca with you and eat gelato... When shall we go?


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