Wednesday, 27 July 2011

You forgot?!

Our first anniversary fell on a Sunday and so I blamed there being no post delivery for the lack of cards. We opened the couple that had arrived the day before and received text messages from some friends and O's family.

There was no a whiff of a message or card from my family.

We went out for the day and I expected to come home to the answerphone full of messages from my family asking what we were doing to celebrate.........nothing.

I came home from work on Monday expecting cards thinking they'd just missed the Saturday post.........nothing (ok a bank statement).


I sent a nudge, nudge email to my Mum and got a grovelling response. My nudge, nudge to #2 got a complete blank in response, she had no idea of the significance of the date. (#1 is in Spain on holiday, I'm letting her off)

What do you mean the date of the party of the decade is not etched into your brain forever? What do you mean you don't come over all emotional when that particular date is mentioned?

(Am I the only one that feels strange when people talk about events/meetings that happen to fall on my birthday? Yes, ok then.)

My Mum has asked how they will ever make it up to us. I floated the idea that they take us with them to the Caribbean later this year. Apparently forgetting your daughters first wedding anniversary does not mean you need to pay for her and her husband to tag along on your holiday. We're very disappointed.


  1. my first reaction was - its been a year? are you sure?? so perhaps time is flying by too fast for them too...

    Happy anniversary :D

    p.s. you're not the only person who feels strange about birthdays...

  2. Ouch! Clearly you need to adopt my tactic of mentioning it at every possible opportunity, beginning at least two months prior to the date in question. Works like a charm.

    If it's any consolation, F's dad and stepmum haven't acknowledged ours at all and his mum texted us on the WRONG DAY saying happy anniversary. WTF? Were they even there??

    Anyway, once more with feeling: HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!

  3. Happy Anniversary (again!) and also, people are crap at remembering. I am asked my birthday EVERY year by Dave's family. Sometimes even by Dave. Fortunately, I am aware they adore me!

  4. Oh dear. Ours is next week and not a whiff of a plan! Happy anniversary to you!

  5. Oh nooo! Happy anniversary to you both. I was in the other camp, I thought it was strange that people remembered!! I never remember wedding anniversaries after maybe the first year.

    They'll remember every year now!! X

  6. Exactly Fay, they can forget from now on. But the first one!

  7. Oops!!! I can understand what you must have felt. Anyways belated Happy Anniversary.

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    Hope this cheers you up a bit.

  8. Oh no, how could they forget! He he they will have to take you out for dinner lots of times!

  9. Ha, and there was me vaguely miffed that none of our best friends remembered our month-anversary. (To be fair, I don't think they'd heard of it until I mentioned it.) I was actually going to text a friend on her 2 year anniversary this year and then got the fear that they might have forgotten and I might be opening up a can of worms?! (Yes I'm a dweeb!)

    Carribean trip would more than make up for it wouldn't it?!

  10. I remembered, and I was in France! (ok so you told me the week before by email, but that was just a reminder because obviously making your hairslide and all the panicky emails are scratched indelibly onto my brain.

    I am OBVIOUSLY better than your family


    I can't believe it's been a year.

  11. I'm too late to say Happy Anniversary (and I said it properly anyway) but I wish I'd sent you a card.

    I'm never sure how much people celebrate Anniversaries - only I ever send my parents a card on theirs. It should be a bigger deal.

    And, yes, you should definitely hint more next year!


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