Monday, 18 July 2011

Italy: Day 3 Rome, Colosseum etc

Our last day in Rome we checked out of our hotel and headed to the Forum and Colosseum for the day.

Then that was it, the end of our time in Rome. We had crammed in as much as possible.

We headed back to the train station and took the train to Florence where we met up with friends who we were staying with for the next two days.

Photos are by me or my husband


  1. I love Rome! Went there for the first time this past Dec, and your beautiful pics are bringing back memories and a lust for pasta and pizza! :)

  2. You saw loads when you were there; aw Florence, looking forward to reading about that!

  3. Was it still covered in cats? I went when I was 15 and that's my main memory... and as I've said it so often I think N is expecting cats!


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