Friday, 8 July 2011

Italy: Day 2 Rome the rest of the day

It was time to leave the Vatican, we'd had enough of the crowds, the hustle and bustle and needed some time to ourselves. Checking the map we decided that we would find the botanic gardens, sit ourselves on a bench and read our books for a little bit. Lets just say we got a little bit lost along a quite scary road which left me a little bit ratty and my feet rather sore. We made it to the botanic gardens an hour before they closed. So our lazy afternoon turned into a quick sit down to allow some of the pain in my feet to fade before we did a quick rush round the gardens. They are beautiful and if our afternoon plans had turned out right I'd have loved to spend more time there.

We went for dinner in the Trastevere and wandered back to our hotel in the moon light. 

Photo 1 - Husband likes to play with the effects on the camera
Photo 2 - Getting lost can lead to some beautiful places
All photos by me or himself


  1. That third picture is spectacular - I WANT TO BE IN THERE RIGHT NOW!

    To find quiet, non-touristy time when you are in a very touristy place is a wonderful thing.

  2. Ohhh that third one is one for the wall, makes me want to be there!!

    Catherine (omg, blogger commenting has gone all funny. Is it jsut me?!)

  3. Sometimes you do find the best places while lost! I love the Trastevere too!


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