Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Italy: Florence

Our friends had been living outside Florence for months and they didn't fancy seeing the sights yet again. So we explored on our own meeting later in the day to go for dinner. 

We went to the Boboli Gardens

We had lunch in the Bardini gardens overlooking Florence

Of course we went to the Duomo (although not inside)

Our photos could never do justice to how beautiful the Duomo is.

Just a few of the highlights of Florence.


  1. LOVELY. and beautiful flower shots!

  2. The Duomo is spectactular; have you climbed inside? Its fab but we couldnt this year either because the queue was ridiculous!

  3. I've only been to the duomo with a hangover (night after friend's 30th birthday which had involved dancing on a bar)... so I wasn't really appreciating its epicness to be honest. So will be good to go back and see it properly!

  4. I've sung in that duomo. My crazy claim to fame (I've already put thison gainers blog) is that apparently Jessie from saved by the bell was watching us. I'm TOO cool.


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