Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Shocking bodies

A while back I posted that I'd removed the bar from my belly button piercing. This resulted in some shocked reactions from people who didn't realise I had a piercing.
So I was wondering what bodily secrets do you have that people couldn't guess from looking at you? I'm only really talking about piercings or tattoos those things that some people think of as taboo. If so why did you do it and are you still happy with the decision you made?
My belly button piercing is the only thing I have to reveal and I've removed it. Not too much of a rebel.


  1. 3 tattoos - one pretty butterflies on my foot and up my ankle, 6 big stars on my back to represent my mum, dad, me and brothers, and a big tribal one on my back too. You would never tell from looking at me that I was a bit tattoo mad. Planning my fourth for the next time I have funds/aren't trying to get pregnant! xxx

  2. I used to have my belly button pierced too but removed it a few years ago. I have a Celtic tattoo at the bottom of my back and most people are really surprised when I tell them and don't quite believe me. I don't regret it at all but that may be because I can't actually see it! Lol

    1. I have my belly button pierced too, for 17 years now. I have never thought about removing yet. It is part of me and has been for so long. I guess it is like a tattoo in that manner. I wonder though now if it is time to remove it? What age does it become inappropriate to have it?

  3. Only one piercing now and one tattoo... actually would have always liked more (tattoos) but never quite got round to it somehow! No regrets with either, except maybe that I never got more but maybe that's a good thing really!


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