Tuesday, 24 September 2013

Learnt and forgotten

I'm just going to randomly post this as if it hasn't been months since I last posted here. 

I was randomly emptying the dishwasher the other day and realised it would be much quicker if I could still stack five hot glasses on my hand like I used to be able to when I worked as a bar maid. That got me thinking about things I learnt through previous employments but have forgotten or can no longer do.

Lifting hay bales - when I worked as a stable girl I could lift a bale of hay or push a wheel barrow full of manure. I reckon I could probably now do these things again as carrying 1KB has given me upper body strength that I haven't had for years. I was also able to spend the day in the freezing cold without complaining because I loved being around the horses and helping children learn to ride so much.

Carrying glasses - working as a bar maid taught me a great number of skills; how to pour the perfect pint, how to total three pints of smooth without the till, how to carry glasses and how to give back as good as I got in terms of drunken abuse.

That is all I can think of at the moment. What about you?


  1. Calculating percentages :) the joy of a shop in a permanent sale!
    Pulling a pint, going home smelling of beer (not so much a skill but a memory)

  2. I can't remember how to work SPSS and wish people on LinkedIn would stop endorsing me for policy as I have not done that for about 4 years! I used to have to do a lot of rapid fire mental arithmetic in the shop I worked in and I'm less hot at that now and always check with a calculator! Um...I also used to clean the guttering for my dad with a borrowed ladder - not sure I could do that now either!

  3. Is it really bad that mine is probably cleaning bodily fluids from floors/carpets or doing personal care while hungover? It was one of my very good skills as a domestic. I can even function with a hangover now.

    Oh! Also I was a whippy cone machine genius when I worked in the ice cream van, and I've totally lost the knack. That one is a bit nicer!


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