Thursday, 30 December 2010


Baby nephew was given a Cozy Coupe for Christmas.
I'm green with envy.
I spent so much of my childhood begging for one of these cars.
I would drag my Mum to the Early Learning Centre so I could play on theirs. 
I didn't attempt to get in this one and have a play - some dreams you just need to let go of.
Baby nephew LOVES the car.


  1. Bless. Baby niece here got a ride on rocking reindeer from us. If I could have kept it for myself, I would have.

  2. I can totally relate, my cousins had one and I was JEALOUS (in capital letters). Considered getting the little fella one this year but our house just isn't big enough (and neither is the garden come to think of it). He does have a bumble bee on wheels though. A little experimentation after the children had gone to bed revealed that my bottom can just about fit on it, but don't tell anyone!


  3. I always wanted one of these too and never got one so I totally feel your pain.

  4. I did have one of these when I was little and loved it; cant for the life of me remember how we actually managed to fit in it for so long though and it worries me that its now the 30th anniversary of them!

    My nephew got the police car one for his 1st birthday from granny & grandad and friend just got her daughter it for christmas too.


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