Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Sofa bonding

O is in training for a big tournament in his stupid sport. This means that he is out every evening (hoping he might take Saturday off). However it is kind of a blessing in disguise. January TV listings seem to have heard my lonely cries and come up with the business. So for most of January you'll find me bonding with the sofa watching any of the following:

The Good Wife
CSI: New York
CSI: Crime Scene Investigation
Glee (although O watches this with me)
One Born Every Minute
Brothers and Sisters

Yup I need to get a life - can anyone help me?


  1. Unfortunately I am a total tv junkie, so no help over here. But enjoy the shows :)

  2. no.. least your watching tele.. I'm watching my boy playing computer games.. cup o tea and and early night for me..

    even though have to say very impressed with your show variety.. I only watch glee from that list.. umm still blaming the boy! am clearly missing out! oh no did watch one born every minute.. graphic!

    Happy New Year spare thoughts x x

  3. I cant help as I clearly need to get a life too!

    Graham has been away working in Shetland for the last week and a half = me & the tv!

    I have all of those shows on my sky planner except for NCIS, but if you added in Silent Witness, Shameless, Criminal Minds, Bones (which ive just started watching), 90210 & Dancing on Ice, you would have my january all planned out!

  4. You forgot about Silent Witness, ANTM and House!

  5. Stop it!!! I've only got Freeview so I can't watch Bones, House or new Criminal Minds - not fair. Can't justify Sky though as I already watch enough rubbish.

  6. Hustle and Come Dine with Me are on my list, too!

  7. I think you're probablyaware that I'm like this too. My 2nd thought when Dave is working late/away is always 'boooo', but it's generally followed with 'HURRAH, cheesy telly'.

  8. Do you know for someone who 'writes' tv I don't watch a lot of it! Misfits season 2 was my last must-watch... that said when I do want to watch something I tend to have the boxset or the catch-up tv and watch 4 episodes in a row. (I do that with 30 Rock a lot!!)


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