Tuesday, 18 January 2011


Today has been one of those days (there have been several recently) where big fat doo-doos hit the proverbial fan.

Both in my work life and my home life (why do my friends insist on acting like 13 year olds?)

Days like this exhaust me and make me want to crawl into bed and not get up again for a very long time.

Once I've watched One Born Every Minute and acted as a UN peace maker I'll be spending the rest of the evening here.

I'm sorry I had actually intended to write about something interesting today instead of moaning AGAIN.


  1. Moan away darling, whatever gets you through :)

  2. Ach you get your good, your bad and the ugly. It is still January after all

  3. Sending soothing hugs.

    Feel free to vent!

  4. oh I've written a moaning blog 4 times today and then deleted.. as always you always write how I'm feeling much better than I could! Can't even be bothered with the bath - think I might just crawl into bed!

    hugs your way x x

  5. Aw hugs; hope the bath helped, some days are just rubbish arent they! x

  6. Love, this is your outlet, you moan if you need to moan. And tell people to stop being so crap!!

    Hope today is treating you better, lots of hugs! xx

  7. Can't answer you on the whys there... hope the bath helped and subsequent days have been better? Pretty pic of the fan though!


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