Wednesday, 27 April 2011

The eyes have it. (part 2)

See part 1 here

My sister did me a huge favour in 1994 by getting married. I was 13 at the time and was still wearing fairly hideous glasses – they had by this point at least become a tortoiseshell brown colour however they were still big and round. So when #1 announced her engagement and asked #2 and I to be bridesmaids there was a serious discussion to be had about glasses. I’m not the only one in my family who is short-sighted we all are. #1 at this point already had contact lenses. I think #2’s eyesight was still good enough to get her through the day. I on the other hand was going to be stuck with the huge glasses. 

After some moaning and whining on my part I was taken to the opticians to get a trial pair of contact lenses. Owwwwwwww. At first it feels like you are sticking great big stones/twigs/100 eyelashes in your eyes. My advice to anyone who is thinking of getting contact lenses is to do it in winter and go outside a lot. The cold weather stimulates your tear ducts making the lenses a lot more comfortable. We persisted, my prescription was tweaked I guessed which was the darkest the red or the green (I hate this part of the eye examination - I don't know!) and eventually on #1’s big day I made it through without the glasses. I haven’t looked back since and have continued to wear contact lenses a lot.

I’ve had to move onto toric lenses which take into account the funny shape of my eye. I tend to wear my contacts while at work and then give my eyes a break at the weekend. I get monthly disposable lenses. Still I’m no expert, I went three or four days ignoring the fact that my right eye was giving me a lot of discomfort before finally popping into my optician on the off chance someone could have a look for me. The response – no wonder it hurts you’ve got a slit in the middle of the lens was not what I expected. The oh bugger don’t rip it fully, give it back I need to drive home was not the response they were expecting.

As I’ve been getting older (*sob*) I’ve noticed that my eyes are drying out and I can’t keep my lenses in for as long. The large chain optician’s solution was to change my contact lenses to the most expensive pair that they offered – this didn’t help. Then I overheard a colleague talking about a new optician she was trying out who had given her lenses that she could sleep in. I’ve no real requirement to sleep in my lenses (no longer being a party girl staying out until all hours of the morning at strange boys’ houses – yup your right I was never that party girl) but I figured if people can sleep in them then surely I can keep them in for longer than 8 hours.

After one failed attempt (bright red bloodshot rings on my eyes - attractive), we finally got the material and prescription of these new lenses correct. I also now take Omega oils to improve the comfort. I never sleep in the lenses but I don't immediately want to rip them from my eyes as soon as I get home.


  1. I've found i can generally keep my contact lenses in comfortably for about 10 hours, and if i shoot some fluid in my eyes and move them about a bit, they'll do a few more hours.

    I know how much of an issue you sight is for you, so I am super glad you have for a solotion!

  2. OHMYGODYOURHEADERCHANGED! I miss so much reading this on my phone. I love my lenses, I dont wear them enough now, much to James disgust. I forget a lot of the time that my eyes look tiny through these glasses, I kind of think thats just my eyes.
    I dont keep my lenses in for as long now either, I kind of think thats just because im more tired now than I used to be. I must be getting old.

  3. I love lenses but would never wear the sleep in ones after a friend I know wore them and got an ulcer on her eyeball. She can no longer wear lenses for very long at all... So over 8 hours, heck yeah (I sometimes do 16 and have accidentally slept in mine a few times) but regularly sleeping in them and not letting your eyes breathe. No siree. Not for me.

    PS Very glad you've found lenses you like! I wear dailies sometimes and love them.

  4. Glad you have found a solution for you, im still considering laser eye surgery!

    You were lucky too, I still had my hideous massive purple speckled things till I was 17 i think, i remember getting new ones for my 18th birthday party!

    I cant remember when I got contacts but ive always used daily ones as my eyes dry out a lot so I cant keep them in for too long. Its fairly hilarious peeling them off my eyes when I fall asleep drunk, which has happened on occasion! Also I drop them all the time which doesnt matter if you waste a daily but wouldnt be so good if I had to keep them for a month or longer.

    I get mine now from Daysoft online as they are SO MUCH cheaper than from the opticians, they ask you what kind of lenses you use now then show you the daysoft equivalent. I just go to the opticians for checks / prescription changes etc.

    p.s yeah the red / green bit always just looks the same eh!


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