Friday, 29 April 2011

We got an invite

(source) *

Not to the royal wedding**!

But we are heading north this weekend to go to a wedding. To the top of the country where we'll catch a boat that will take us further north to a collection of islands I've never visited.
Where we will whirl and burl and get sore feet.

Hope you all have lovely plans for the weekend

(**As we're spending the day driving I won't be able to watch. I'm sure I'll be able to catch up though)

*Of the huge amount of wedding memorabilia that I've seen I thought I'd be able to get behind Lego. But this just freaks me out - they've not got faces!)


  1. Hope you had a lovely weekend & loved the wedding! Ive never been to those islands either!

    We watched the wedding & drunk a lot of wine then attempted to tidy on Sunday!

    I thought the lego would be cool too but weird without faces!

  2. Ah, we were at a wedding too... would have been funny if it had been the same one! Hope you had a good time :)


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