Monday, 2 May 2011

Toothpaste personality

O and I are compatible in the sense that we both squeeze the tooth paste from wherever our hand grabs the tube. My father can't really cope with this and when he stays at our house you generally go into the bathroom to find all the toothpaste squeezed to the top of the tube.
In his own house he has a machine that slowly rolls the end of the tube for you. (Unfortunately I couldn't find a picture to illustrate).


  1. Is it a toothpaste key? With a wee slot for the end of the tube to go in? a bit like the key on a tin of meat?

    Normally, Dave squeezes the middle of the tube and then about half way through it I do the rolling from the bottom thing.

  2. I think I'm the first one until it starts to run out and then I do the rolling thing... does that mean I'm a depressive partier? (Might be true!)

  3. I honestly have no idea what I do with the tube, probably just squeeze wherever then roll at the end, as we have the pump tube just now thats why I cant remember.

    Dont get me started on how annoying they are when the toothpaste all comes out at the top and its too much and you cant get it back in so it all just gloops about on top!

  4. A toothpaste mangle- I love it!!!

  5. very interesting, I had no idea I was the life of the party, ha ha


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