Tuesday, 24 May 2011

What happens when I lose my blogging mojo?

Weeks, no months, go by without writing anything meaningful. Ideas drift through my consciousness but time passes before I can write them down and they lose their relevance. Weekends of inactivity pass leaving me with nothing to report. Weekends of absolute bedlam pass leaving me with so much to report it is too much to capture and translate. Weeks pass when I sit staring aimlessly at the computer reading your blogs but not being able to pull words together to comment let alone write a post myself. I post endless randomness including photos of toothpaste and towels hoping that my readers won’t completely abandon me. Even the cats have stopped providing a source of bizarre inspiration. I promise myself that this evening it will be different. This evening I will write something, I will schedule a post. I won’t share all of my news on Twitter leaving me nothing to blog about. I won’t post random drivel, I will spark a debate/conversation and capture the attention of my readers. I doubt that I will ever find anything interesting to write about, I doubt that I ever had anything to write about at all. Maybe planning my wedding was it, maybe there isn’t anything to continue with.

But no I can’t abandon my little community, my new friendships I must continue.

I will think of something interesting. I will share my innermost thoughts and fears. I will share the random spare thoughts that sparked all this off in the first place.

I will try harder, I will do better.

Come back mojo I want to continue.

Its not just me right? Everyone goes through patches like this right? 


  1. You are not allowed to stop. There is much, much more to you than could be contained in words.

    I get this often. Life goes to quick and gets on top of me, and I do a quick surface update after three weeks of nothing.

    I really do think everyone gets it, and life gets in the way.


  2. Defo. You are not alone (and I only just started blogging! I should have bazillions to say!).

    You are more than just your wedding. We all have something worth saying.

    And for the record, random silly nonsense posts about toothpaste etc are my favouritest posts of all :)

  3. (Also, I carry a little notebook in my bag to write little thoughts and ideas in as soon as they pop into my head - worth a try?)

  4. I have just started a blog so can't imagine what it's like to have written hundreds of posts and have loads of followers and commenters but I do know that you must have has interesting things to say before your wedding (or someone wouldn't have wanted to marry you!) so I'm sure you have tons after. Alternatively embrace the randomness, people will read it and share in it! x

  5. Hey, look at me, I havn't blogged since the second of may!
    I have an app on my phone (I know,I'm a gimp) that writes and uploads to my blog, which does help sometimes, as I can do it in my lunch hour or on a train.
    I'd just like to point out that if you did stop, we would not go anywhere. You know where I live, I know where you live, just because the friendship started online, doesn't mean it finishes online. It's odd that I feel like you know me as well as people I've known for years.
    But don't stop. Xx

  6. I feel like this constantly. I think, in a weird way, knowing you have an audience (especially friends) makes it all the harder. You want them to like what you write too!

    It will come back. And we'll be here to read it :)

  7. Ah I know that feeling... Time just passes and then suddenly it's been days, weeks, months... So maybe have a little break, enjoy it and then come back refreshed and ready to go. We'll still be here when you come back. And we'll be delighted to have you back too :)

  8. know the feeling - it's funny no longer having a wedding to talk about.. I've always loved you spare thoughts.. so when one hit's you pop it on here.. but as everyone says it doesn't matter when that is!

    x x x

  9. also loved your toothpaste blog.. I'm still analyzing my technique.. x

  10. Second, thirded, fourth-ed all of the above. Don't stop! The toothpaste blog was great and I am still here, reading away...

  11. It might seem random but keep scribbling.

    Your mojo will jump out and surprise you when you least expect it but please keep your hand in posting toothpaste and towels!!

  12. Noooo dont go away or stop!

    But, as Becca said, if you do want a break we will all still be here!

    When I was trying to comment days ago on this I was going to suggest writing about Rome but since you have already just ignore me!

  13. Oh hell yes. I have this all the time, every post is like pulling teeth these days. Hang in there. xx

  14. I'm far worse, but please don't go. Please.


  15. I love your blog and we all have those days/weeks/months where we lose it.

    We will still be friends if you ever do decide to stop - but you have many, many wonderful things to say.



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