Monday, 4 April 2011

Random Stuff: Size Matters

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Size matters when it comes to towels.

I have to have large towels. I’m an average sized person but I seem to have a requirement for towels which are a step up from those most people (e.g. #2) have and most hotels supply. The size of towel that most people use for their body is the size of towel I use for my hair. I have a lot of hair and the smaller towels always fall off too easily. 

p.s. O can't make a towel turban on his head - is this all boys or just mine?


  1. Me too. the 'bath sheet' ones are what we have. Normal bath towels are teeny. of course I am a bit chubbier and taller than your average girl.

    Dave can't do a turban either.

  2. I totally agree. bigger towels are better. I will ask my husband to make a towel turban and get back to you...

  3. How I adore the towel, the bigger the better indeed. To be wrapped like a blanket is perfection.

    P.S. Bean being the metrosexual he is, has been known to turban!

  4. I'm a big towel person too. Small ones don't hold that much water, so by the time you have dried half of yourself the towel is too wet to dry and more!

    My boyfriend is also partial to a bit of turbaning too, but he does have long hair.


  5. Ha ha yes the only suitable towels are bath sheets; with a bath towel for my hair, the hand towels cant make proper turbans!

    Since working in John Lewis I still know how to fold any size of towel as well; a useful skill for fitting them in the cupboard but which got boring doing it over & over again at work!

    I doubt G could do a turban!

  6. Me three! I love my humungous towels and my boy just thinks they are ridiculous - and he is fascinated by the towel turban: "how do you just know how to do that??" *s*


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