Friday, 3 June 2011

Italy: Rome stereotypes

We'd been in Rome a day and a half and all of my Roman/Italian stereotypical expectations had been met.

  • I'd seen nuns driving a van
  • A priest on a moped
  • A woman slap a man in the face in the middle of the street before they fell into a passionate embrace. (Ok, I might have made up the passionate embrace but the slap happened - they just continued to fight)
  • A woman parking a car by battering her car into the surrounding cars. Forward bump, backwards bump, forward bump-scrape, backwards bump-scrape.

(I've never seen so many designer shops)
(photos by me on camera phone - still embracing the "effects")


  1. Ha!

    Are the pictures from the Via Condotti (it runs into the Spanish Steps)? I remember seeing designer boutique after designer boutique there.

  2. I believe the term is "touch parking"!!!

  3. that woman's parking sounds much like my attempts during lessons.

  4. ha ha amazing! glad you are having fun!

  5. Ha ha, yes, I had similar experiences in Rome. My favourite was spotting a nun in a baseball cap!!

  6. I think you should do a Scottish version of this one day...

  7. He he yes I love the way they park, makes you realise why they all have smart cars or fiats!

    When we were in Thailand we saw a monk with a mobile phone which I thought was just hilarious!

  8. He he, love this... I did once see a fight turn into an embrace in Italy. Wish I'd seen a nun driving a van instead though! ;)


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