Tuesday, 21 June 2011

The eyes have it (part 3)


It is something that both O and I have considered. At the moment neither of us can afford it. There is also the niggling doubt about risking a surgery that isn't truly necessary. Both of us are reasonably well accommodated through glasses or contact lenses. However on the other hand those contact lenses and glasses are very expensive, it wouldn't take many years of replacement glasses and monthly contact lens payments to recoup the cost of the surgery.

I've never done any proper research however I don't think I would be a suitable candidate at the moment. My eyes continue to get worse and I believe that they need to be stable for a reasonable amount of time before they would perform the procedure. 

I've heard varying reports about laser eye surgery. Gaynor's husband who bravely and very successfully had it done the week or so before their wedding. A colleague at work also recovered incredibly quickly and has never looked back since. However I've also heard some true horror stories which include absolute agony for weeks after the operation to a continued sensitivity to light months and months later.

So I wait and listen for peoples tales of success or failure and wonder whether I'd ever make that step.


  1. I have heard mostly success stories, but I have a friend who still has to wear reading glasses (she had all the time glasses before) and one who's eyes got too burnt and now her eyesight is worse. These are the two that make me not risk it.

  2. I had mine done and on the whole I don't regret it. It's brilliant not wearing glasses and yes I can sometimes have difficulty in seeing something small in the distance and I find driving at night a little more tiring than I did before.But it's so much better than when I had to get my glasses out to see anything I really hated wearing them as until about 5 yrs ago I never needed anything and then suddenly finding myself wearing bifocals. A friend also had it done about 10 yrs ago having worn glasses all her life and has never regretted it.

  3. I've thought about it a lot but am just not ready to take the plunge. I think I'm going to wait a few more years, hear a few more success stories and then give it more thought. I completely agree with you that it is risky. In the meantime an eye exam on Saturday to see if I need a new prescription or not...

  4. I think I would still like to get it done; G thinks its the best thing he has done and his eyesight was not even close to as bad as mine!

    However, not getting it done with baby on board so who knows if I ever will get round to it!


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