Friday, 10 June 2011

Jiggling in all the wrong places

I used to be a regular at a pilates class every Thursday evening. I still go but can no longer say I'm a regular or I'll get all sorts of abuse from my husband. I no longer go every week and it takes more and more moaning and nagging to get me off the sofa and into the car to class.

Last night I went along and for the second time my teacher had brought along new toys for us to try out - Flexi bars.

Apparently Coleen (link to the Sun newspaper so feel free not to click and just trust me on this) is all about the flexi bar!

A flexi bar is as it says a bar that is flexible but weighted at each end. You hold the bar in the middle and lift it whilst doing other pilates moves. The aim is to make the bar move and then to keep it moving. The vibrations through the movement of the bar tone up the muscles.

Vibrations = Jiggling

Jiggling in bits of me I'd rather be under the illusion are firm, pert and unjiggleable. Think I need to do some toning.

This is in no way a sponsored post unless someone wants to become my personal trainer - but I'm told they're not all they're cracked up to be either.

Why does it not surprise me that I've never done a post about exercise before - I'm too energy efficient.


  1. I keep meaning to do some of organised exercise but never get to that point. Perhaps when we move house and I become some sort of domestic goddess/superwoman

    That will be never then.


  2. Love, you are pretty perfect as you are. If you would feel better doing it, you should though.

    I need to do some everything. I am becoming unfit. even for a chubby girl, I was pretty fit, but it's going.

  3. I like to jiggle its the new jangle! Love your jinggley bits lady!!


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